Ganbanyoku Sauna

The Japanese enjoy the rock sauna once a week. It cleans body from toxins, the mind from destructive thoughts and the heart from difficult emotions.

Ganbanyoku is mainly black volcanic silica. The rocks are mined in Hiyama quarry, on Hokkaido, Japan. The silica radiates natural infrared waves. This radiation has great healing properties for human body. During the treatment session negative ions are emitted stimulating well being and acting beneficially in relation to human health. The treatment is completely safe – rocks are heated to the temperature of 40–44 degrees Celsius. The only contraindication is when a person suffers from serious cardiac conditions or has a pacemaker.


Regeneration (following injuries or physical strain)

The healing properties of volcanic rocks heated up by hot springs have been known to the inhabitants of Asia for centuries. Infrared radiation penetrates skin to reach subcutaneous tissue, joints and muscles and heats body from inside. As a result, circulation intensifies and tense tissues relax. This therapy decidedly relaxes muscle tension and influences the sensitivity of nerve endings to pain therefore it is recommended for those who practise sport intensely.

The opening of skin capillaries stimulates blood circulation increasing the supply of oxygen to tissues and facilitating their regeneration. This has direct impact on healing the post-injury wounds and some skin diseases. The result of the ganban’yoku treatment is moisturisation of dehydrated parts of human body, i.e. articular facial, muscles, ligaments and tendons that require constant moisturisation. Moreover, with the skin pores open the metabolism is accelerated resulting in faster excretion of metabolism products.

Reduction of weight

Reduction of weight and cellulite

A person sweats profusely during the ganban’yoku treatment but does not lose body salts in an excessive manner. The person does not feel the heat and the treatment is not accompanied by the smell that is characteristic for saunas. The exuded sweat contains heavy metals and the products of the metabolism of fat compounds and dioxins.


One session in the rock sauna equals the run for 8 to 12 kilometres and helps burn 800 - 1500 kcal. Black silica rock slabs emit infrared radiation that penetrates human body deeper that it is the case of the traditional sauna (up to 4 cm), initiating and activating many changes at the intracellular level. This directly affects cellulite already after a few sessions.



The so-called pearly sweat is exuded during the session accompanied by large amounts of sebum that generate hydrolipid coating providing skin with exceptional softness and elasticity (this is why for approximately two hours after a ganban’yoku session the person is not recommended to take a shower). The sweat exuded in a classical sauna or during physical effort is external, carrying a lot of minerals that we lose. The ganban’yoku induced sweat is deeper – pearly, odourless and nourishing for the skin. It is recommended not to rinse the sweat and even spread it all over the body because it nourishes the skin. In ganban’yoku conditions the body secrets a substance that is rejuvenating for us.

The amount of the sweat varies. Every person is unique. Those who have many emotional blockades do not sweat. Such persons need to go through a few sessions of ganban’yoku and the sessions are basically lessons of letting go.

Immunological system

Strengthening the immunological system

The basic operation of the rock slab is rooted in the healing properties of the electromagnetic radiation. The electromagnetic waves emitted by the black silica slabs initiate the release of negative ions. The length of the wave is equal the size of water compounds. Due to the above human body subtly warms up from the base positively influencing all its systems including the regulation of the hormonal system.

The treatment cleanses human body from toxins and intensifies the circulation and metabolism. Medical tests performed on persons regularly enjoying ganban’yoku treatment confirmed the increased production of key elements influencing the immunological barrier of the organism.


Antidepressant and relaxation factor

Next to improving the physical condition, Ganban’yoku is considered the best antidepressant. This is connected with the additional emission of negative ions called vitamins or propagators of good taste and mood. The session is an occasion to enjoy deep psychological relaxation.