Treatment & relaxation massages

Classic relaxation massage

Hot stones massage

Performed to bring stress relief and relaxation; the basic objective of the massage is to re-establish the homeostatic balance to the body that is hyperactive, hypersensitive, subject to neuroses, excessive stress and fatigue.

This is deeply relaxing treatment where warm basalt stones, known for their perfect heat storage capacity, are applied. This massage deeply warms up the organism and relaxes muscle tension. The massage is particularly recommended to persons that lead intensive and stressful lifestyle.

Aromatherapy massage

The appropriate composition of aromatic oils is selected individually in accordance with the preferences of the person being massaged as well as the type of ailment. The massage is applied in combination with tranquillising or energising oil mixtures, in order to treat sleeplessness and in case of tired and ailing muscles.

Face massage

Rejuvenating, perfect to remove wrinkles; initially it results in relaxation of the skin that gets smoother and looks younger afterwards. The massage stimulates skin to secrete collagen and elastin. It must be applied systematically. During treatment, vitamin creams are applied that elasticise and moisturise the skin. The creams are applied on skin by being tapped in that leads to their improved applications.

Chocolate massage

It is relaxing treatment with the use of chocolate that is nurturing, regenerating, that burns the adipose tissue while improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Oriental massages

Chinese cup massage

Chinese massage

Hypotension treatment is an ancient method applied in upper respiratory tract problems and spinal pains. The therapy is intended to facilitate free circulation of Qi energy, dissolution of such pathological factors as dampness and cold, to decrease swelling and pain.

Chinese massage merges the application of the massage of muscles, the stimulation of acupressure points, moxa and cups; it is based on the fluid and relaxing massage of tense muscles and freeing them from pain.

Tibetan massage

The Tibetan massage is a relaxing massage of a long tradition. It is a significant element of Tibetan medicine. It stresses the bodily aspect of human beings and the appropriate massage technique. Tibetan medicine underlines the importance of relaxation massage that uses massage oils because it positively influences the whole body and helps alleviate ailments.

Healing massages

Isometric massage

Classic healing massage

The objective of the massage is to bring back the flexibility, strength and (in case of their deficiency) the mass of muscles. It is applied in paresis and atrophy of muscles, following stroke, atonic paralysis and in convalescence following bone fractures.

Impacts skin tissue, muscles, joins and tendons, respiratory system, nervous system, lymphatic system and metabolism.

Sport massage

The objective of sport massage is to prepare human organism for extreme sport effort and achieving optimal sport results and to remove fatigue following physical strain. Sport massage removes muscle sores, muscle tension and helps to recover from an injury.

Joints massage

This is anodyne and healing treatment applied to contusions, dislocations, sprains and other joint injuries (involving ligaments, tendons and synovial capsules). The massage is performed in two phases, optimally immediately after the swelling or inflammation has subsided.

Lymphatic drainage

It is applied in order to facilitate the circulation of the lymph, particularly recommended to women after mastectomy. Counteracts and liquidates inflammatory swelling or congestive oedema and speeds up the process of removing metabolic waste from the organism.

Counterlateral massage

It is applied in order to shorten the treatment of or immobilisation of a limb. It is performed on the opposite limb, twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening) 6 days a week. Applied in case of sprains, fractures, burns, dislocations and ulcerations.

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